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Dear RoadRunner Competitors

As many of you have discovered, the Goodyear tire has become difficult to locate, we have located an alternate tire which we will have available for purchase starting tomorrow night during practice and then for the remainder of the season. This tire can be run in addition to the Goodyear RS-A or LS as previously allowed (2011 or older date stamp). The Goodride 225/60R16 will be available for $60 (tax included) and is a brand new tire versus the used tires we have utilized in the past. This will allow those of you with existing tires to continue to compete on those while creating a new supply chain for tires moving forward. It is our intention to allow all 3 tires to compete this entire season.

To answer some questions:
Q: Why didn’t we go to a Late Model take off?
A: History has proven that take off programs do not work when the tire is still readily available new, the system gets beat multiple ways. In addition to that, that option would force many teams to buy 15″ wheels and would render all existing tires/wheels useless.

Q: But isn’t there a racing tire we could go with?
A: Yes, there is a Hoosier 850 16″ version (amongst others, but we like what we’ve seen at Elko Speedway in MN) which would retail for $92 (tax included), but again would render existing tires useless. We are getting a set to test at a later date but at this time we do not envision moving in this direction and if we did, the soonest we would allow that tire or an alternate would be for the 2015 season. It is our intention to keep the RoadRunners on a true economy tire.

Q: What can you tell us about the Goodride tire?
A: It has a UTQGL of 500 AA and an outer diameter of 26.6″ which are both comparable to the used Goodyear tires.

Q: If I find used Goodyear tires that meet the listed date stamp requirements, can I run them?
A: Absolutely, you can, we want our teams to be able to compete on the tires they currently have and if they can find used tires that meet the criteria at a better price, then by all means run those.

Q: Will the price stay the same all season?
A: We cannot promise that it will but we are currently buying as two tracks and looking for additional tracks to allow this tire to help keep the price at or below this level. We feel it is important to keep the RoadRunner class on an economy tire and will continue to search for a bulk buy of used tires as well.

Q: But did you look elsewhere?
A: We have reached out to the area highway departments, contacted used tire recyclers, wholesalers, looked at getting shipping containers of used tires from Europe and Asia, traveled to the recycling plant in Madison and begged and attempted to bribe with tickets to allow us to pick through the heap. Through all of that, the Goodride is still our best option for price, wear and availability.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and again we look forward to a great racing season ahead, we are glad that you are a part of it.

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