Trailer Race of Destruction

June 8, 2019

This past Saturday (6/8) at the Rockford Speedway saw the continuing of the 2019 Season for 5 divisions of cars (Roadrunners, American Short Trackers, Sportsmen, Bandits & Late Models) with the infamous “Trailer Race of Destruction” closing out the evenings events.  It was a full house with fans of all ages coming from all around to see the different divisions race, followed by a main event they wouldn’t soon forget.

The American Short Trackers featured event saw drivers compete in 25 laps of hard-fought driving.  #98 Kelly Evink (Machesney Park, IL) finished the night in a well driven and navigated 1st place.  Action filled the air and fans were all on their feet as #68 Steve Erickson Jr (Machesney Park, IL) finished in 2nd and #9 Aaron Rude (Cambridge, WI) crossed the finish line in 3rd.

In the Sportsmen division, fans got to see plenty of competitive racing and more tightly contested driving in the 25-lap featured event.  Their main event saw #96 Garrick Fry (Durand, IL) winning a swift 1st place finish after taking the cone on the restart advancing his position from 10th to 2nd restarting behind the leader on the bottom side going side by side with the #68 of Shinderling before getting by and sailing away with the win, the #68 Rich Schinderling Jr (Winnebago, IL) came across the line to take 2nd place.  Coming in 3rd place (but never far from the front) was #43 Adam Cartwright (Rockford, IL).  Cartwright also was the evening’s winner for the Roadrunner “Hare & Hound” challenge, which saw him briefly switch from his Sportsman car to a RoadRunner.  This special challenge had drivers fighting to complete 8 laps (laps may be completed driving in any direction on the track, so long as 8 full laps were completed) in a risk taking, fan favorite race which saw many near misses and plenty of nail-biting action.

For the Bandits divisional feature, the loud 4-cylinder cars spilled onto the track for 20 laps of in your face fun.  Their night also saw plenty of intensity, with #32 David Demeny (Janesville, WI) finishing in 1st place.  Not far behind him was #5s Josh Smith (Rockford, IL) who took 2nd place and #22 Duane Lounsbury (Beloit, WI) coming across the line in 3rd place. 

The main event for the Roadrunner feature of the evening was also a frenzy filled 20 laps.  As the night progressed onward, one could feel the growing excitement amongst the packed crowd.  Coming in 1st place for the event was #22 Duane Lounsbury (Beloit, WI) whom was plenty busy on the evening, placing top 3 in multiple divisions, and started near the back of the RoadRunner Main Event and worked his way to the front during the 20 lap Feature Event after a caution flag on lap 6 bunched the field back up to go back green. Placing 2nd was #73 Justin Wagner (Beloit, WI) and 3rd place on the event went to #17 Ryan Ostenson (South Beloit, WI).

The action continued as the Late Models took the track to compete in a 30-lap main feature, and the crowd was loving every minute.  Flying across the finish in 1st place was #2 Michael Bilderback (South Beloit, WI) who showed great determination & driving ability.  2nd place of the race went to #X Jon Reynolds Jr (Loves Park, IL), and coming in a hard fought 3rd place was #84 Jacob Vanoskey (Hartford, WI).

 After the regular season racing was complete, it was time for the infamous “Trailer Race of Destruction”.  It’s objective?  Destroy and keep on going.  This event was an all-out massacre, as drivers circled the track in a frenzy trying to destroy one another & navigate through the chaos, all while avoiding being wrecked by other drivers.  Parts and pieces of debris seemed to be everywhere, as vehicles pressed onward like something out of a Mad Max fever dream.  Needless to say, the crowd was getting every penny’s worth and loving it.  When the dust settled, it was #1 1/2x remaining as the last man standing and event champion!

Fans would be wise to not miss any of the scheduled fun for the remaining 2019 season here at the Rockford Speedway.  A big tip of the hat goes out to the event safety crew, event staff, drivers, and of course to the fans for making the 2019 year such a good time thus far!  We hope to see everyone at the track on 6/12 for “Wide Open Wednesday” and also on 6/15 for “Tractor Town Salute to Dad”.  Tickets on sale now and at the gate!

Aaron Hildebrand
(Writer, Rockford Speedway)