Advance Tickets

Can be purchased at the Main Ticket Office during any event. The Rockford Speedway office is additionally open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You can also purchase tickets by phone by calling (815) 633-1500. You may also purchase reserved seats securely over the internet from our ticket vendor.

Banners and Signs

We love it if you bring banners and signs to cheer on your favorite driver. Of course, your sign must be in good taste and not obstruct the view of your fellow fans.

Beer Sales

We will not serve beer to anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 or to anyone who is deemed intoxicated. Proper ID will be required, and please drive responsibly. Section G in the main grandstand is the family section – please no beer allowed.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your special day at Rockford Speedway. We have the NASCAR room, the Belvedere, and many plans for all age groups. Invitations, food, beverages, admission, pace car rides and of course – birthday cake are provided. Call (815) 633-1500 for more information.


Rock Cut State Park and other area campgrounds welcome race fans. For more information, please contact the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.


There’s plenty to eat and drink at the food and beverage stands located under the main grandstand and next to the bleachers. At large special events, we also offer satellite stands in additional locations.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted at the main ticket office or NASCAR Souvenir Shop.

Customer Service

Have a question and don’t know whom to ask? Stop in the NASCAR Souvenir Shop and they know how to direct you to the right person and will be happy to help!


Report emergencies to a Speedway employee in a “staff” shirt, a uniformed security officer or the Main Ticket Office.

Family Section

Section G is the family section. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

Fan Conduct/Profanity

As a family facility, fans using abusive or profane language or who are deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave the Speedway. Please report disturbances to the nearest uniformed employee, security officer or the Main Ticket Office.

Fan Mail

Want to send a driver or staff member a letter? Simply address it to the individual at the Rockford Speedway, PO Box 1000, Rockford, IL 61105.

Fan E-Mailings

Receive valuable coupons, schedule updates and more. Sign up here.

First Aid

If first aid is needed, contact either the usher at the start/finish line, a security person or a uniformed staff member, who will escort you to the First Aid Station.

Group Tickets

Information on group tickets and seating is available by calling (815) 633-1500.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking in the Preferred Parking lot is located along the fence, just east of the main entrance. Free handicap parking spaces are located along the North fence of the Preferred Parking area.

Handicap Seating

Section J has special handicapped seating accessed by ramp.


Rockford Speedway is located at 9572 Forest Hills Road, seven miles north of downtown Rockford, just two miles west of Interstate 90 at the intersection of Forest Hills Road and Highway 173 in Loves Park, Illinois.

Lost and Found

The lost and found is located in the NASCAR Souvenir Shop.

Lucky Number Prizes 

Can be collected at the NASCAR Souvenir Shop.

Ordering Tickets by Phone 

Tickets may be reserved in advance by phone. A credit card is required, call (815) 633-1500 for more information.

Ordering Tickets by Internet

Advance tickets may be purchased by accessing the Rockford Speedway website. You may purchase advanced & reserved seats securely over the internet from our ticket vendor.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is allowed in the parking lot. No services are provided.

P.A. Announcements

Time permitting; the Speedway will try to announce your message. Please bring your request (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries) to the NASCAR Souvenir Shop early in the evening.


Except in emergency cases, paging of spectators is not possible.


Parking at the Rockford Speedway is free (except some special events where it is $5) also for the Preferred Parking area near the front gate. Please drive safely in the parking lot. A 5 mph speed limit is enforced.

Picnic Area

A picnic area is located west of the main entrance. Contact the office to find out about availability.

Permanent Reserved Seats

Have a special seat you’d like to reserve for each race night? Join the permanent reserved ticket plan and always have your favorite seat waiting for you at the Will Call window.


For our younger race fans, age 10 and under, is located at the west end of the main grandstand and at the west end of the bleacher grandstands.

Race Times

Most race night begin with time trials at 6:15 p.m. and races beginning at 7:07 p.m. Gates open at 5:00 p.m. Please refer to the Rockford Speedway schedule for special events or holiday start times.

Radio Frequencies

151.675 and 150.860 for the Rockford Speedway.

Rest Rooms

Rest Rooms are located on the concourse across from the NASCAR Souvenir Shop under the main grandstand.


Are available in the Souvenir Shop and Main Ticket Office.

Souvenir Stand

Located on the concourse on the main side, turn one.

You may also purchase reserved seats securely over the internet from available here.

Track Description

.29167 mile asphalt oval with a limestone base. Corners are banked at 22 degrees and are 50 ft wide with a roller coaster effect. Straights are banked at 8 degrees and are 40 ft wide.

Upgrading Your Ticket

General Admission tickets may be upgraded to reserved tickets at the Main Ticket Office. Make sure you get a hand stamp before exiting the Main Ticket Office to upgrade your ticket. Have a certain seat you prefer? Ask about permanent reserved seating at the ticket office.

Will Call Window

Pick up reserved seats at the “Will Call” window, located on the far right as you approach the box office. For special events, “Will Call” is located on a raised platform in front of the box office.