Reynolds Rumbles to Victory Lane on Trailer Race Night (8/3/19)

August 3, 2019

The Night began with a dark sky overhead the Rockford Speedway with mother nature showing strange weather as it rained in turns 3/4, but was sunny in 1/2. As the rain moved out of the speedway qualifying had been scratched and each division would be lined up by points and the the roll of the dice. As the night began with 5 divisions of racing we started out with a few of heat races from each division Short Tracker winners included – Todd Bridges & Steve Erickson Jr. Sportsmen– Justin Sellers & Rich Schinderling Jr. Bandits – John Triggs & Garrett Braden RoadRunners – Keegan Rodden & Robby Robinson Late Models – Mike Beyer & Jacob Vanoskey.

Once the heat races were concluded it was time for the RoadRunner Challenge race “The Escape from I-90 Race” Which included trucks and trailers featured in the main event and a road striping machine. That event was won be Adam Cartwright which was fun to watch as he swerved in and out of traffic to become victorious.

American short trackers were the first feature out, The fast 3 of Steve Erickson, Kelly Evink and Aaron Rude did not disappoint. Erickson who started 3rd wasted to time getting to the front after battling Shannon Stoltz and David Russell for a series of laps before proclaiming the lead, but it didn’t stop there Kelly Evink did not waste any time trying to get by Erickson Jr for the lead as the two battled side by side for multiple laps with Steve Erickson Jr becoming the winner by 0.013 Seconds in front of evink, Aaron Rude finished 3rd.

The next feature event was the Bargain Hunter Sportsmen and these drivers have been putting on a heck of a show these last few weeks. Trevor Robinson and John Featherston brought the field to green and Featherston wasted to time getting out front and sailing away as a caution came out for the #3 of Memoli who spun around out of turn 4, The field came back together for another restart on lap 1 yet again. As the green came out Howie Ware and Josh Lundy got together sending them both into turn 1 hard forcing both cars to be summoned to the pits after extensive damage was done, the racing began and it was time to go as Chad Smith who started 11th made his way into the top 5 by lap 13, there was 12 laps to go and John Featherston did not want to see another yellow flag as hard chargers Chad Smith starting 11th and Johnny Robinson who started 9th were approaching closer to the front of the field. As the laps whined-ed down Chad Smith was reeling in the leader but unfortunately ran out of time as John Featherston #78 got to victory lane in 2019 after many weeks of trouble. Chad Smith finished 2nd and Adam Cartwright finished 3rd. Chad Smith took over the season standings as Howie Ware had had issues earlier in the race.

The Bandit feature did not disappoint as #96 Mark Bielefeldt and #28 Garrett Braden brought the field to green, the first few laps were on the edge, but as the field began to open up a slow car was on the top line and the leader of Garrett Braden had no where to go and unfortunately wrecked out hard and was forced to go the pits after looking strong for the first few laps of the feature, it was Kyle Rush and Shawn Bowar quickly making their way to the front but oh to fast as both Drivers broke out during the attempt going below the 16.400 Break out Time. Nick Schneider was also working his way to the front but him and the #96 got together sending the 96 into the infield as Schneider lost ground he ran for what he had, Point leader Rich Schinerling stayed out of trouble and at lap 15 he found the top spot only to have Erik Pearson and Terry Ciano Jr. right in his rearview mirror looking to get by. as the laps came down with the checkered flag in hand it was Shinderling who was victorious as Pearson and Ciano came across the line 3 wide to win by only 0.070 Sec.

Late Model Showtime was on deck and it was guaranteed to be a good one, Jerry Stafford and Jacob Vanoskey would bring the field to green, Coming out of turn 2 the field got bunched up and cars went spinning as Steve Vaughn and Frank Beldowski were involved sending both cars to the pit area for extensive damage. As the field restarted in was Driver X and Jacob Vanoskey fighting for the lead for a short time as Reynolds proclaimed the lead and never looked back but he knew the #2 of Bilderback would be there before long as the 2 battled for 20 laps but Bilderback got his car out from under him as he spun around and had to go to the tail of the field. Driver X brought the field back to green for the final 10 laps and never looked back as he crossed the line first, Vanoskey 2nd and Bilderback rounded out the top 3. Driver X encouraged the fans to come back every week to watch the fun exciting racing they put on every week.

RoadRunner Feature event was the last event of racing for the night before the long awaited Figure 8 Trailer Race, Lundy and Cavin Brought the field to green as the #22 of Duane Lounsburry wasted no time getting to the front on lap 2, He drove away from the field and let the #64 of Balmes and #18 of Robinson duke it out for 2nd and 3rd.

THE MAIN EVENT, the long awaited show the sold out crowd couldn’t wait to see, 25 Trucks/Trailers rolled onto the speedway as the carnage began, the event was so wild as the fans couldn’t sit in their seat standing and watching the trailers get dismembered from the trucks. toward the end of the event there was a massive hit in the X causing both to wreck big making the fans go crazy! it would come down to the final 2 of the K-9 and the 43 making it a fan vote making the #43 of Jimmy Rossenberger the winner after the crowd went wild!